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    當前位置:首頁- 集團概況- 集團簡介

        天津臨港港務集團有限公司于2011年3月29日注冊,同年5月18日正式集團化運營。其前身為2004 年3月成立的天津臨港工業港務有限公司,目前注冊資金為26 億元人民幣,為全資國有企業,股東為天津臨港建設開發有限公司(原天津臨港工業區建設開發有限責任公司)。集團負責大沽口港區范圍內岸線統一開發管理、船舶進出港調度管理。經營范圍為大沽口港區的港口、航道、碼頭及相關陸域設施的建設、開發、經營、貨物裝卸、倉儲及物流等業務,并已獲得ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 體系認證。集團擁有獨立的航運服務中心大樓,海關、海事、邊檢等聯檢部門可在航運服務中心大樓內為客戶提供更為便捷的“一站式”服務,簡化辦事程序。并設有船舶調度指揮中心,對航道進行統一管理、安排動態,可保證船舶高效通航。
    Tianjin Lingang Port Group Co. Ltd was registered on March 29, 2011, and officially operated as a group on May 18 of the same year.Its predecessor is Tianjin Lingang Industrial Port Co., Ltd, which was established in March 2004. With the present registered capital of RMB 2.6 billion, it is wholly owned by the state-owned enterprise and Tianjin Lingang Construction and Development Co., Ltd. Serves as its shareholder(Former named Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone Construction and Development Co., Ltd.). The group is responsible for the unified development and management of the shoreline within the Dagu port as well as the dispatch management of ship's port entry and exit. The sphere of business includes the construction, development, operation, cargo handling, warehousing and logistics of ports, channels, wharves and related land facilities in the Dagu port, which has achieved certifications such as ISO9001,ISO14001,and OHSAS18001.The group has a separate shipping services centre building. Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Maritime, Border Inspection and other Joint Inspection Units can provide customers with a more convenient "one-stop" service in the shipping service center building, which can simplify the procedures. The ship dispatching command center has also been set up to manage the channel uniformly and arrange the dynamic situation, thus to guarantee the efficient navigation of the ship.
    為繼續擴大影響力,集團于2015年底正式注冊了“ ”商標,這三個字母是大沽口港區的英文DaGu Port的縮寫,波浪形狀取形于“World”首字母“W”,寓意大沽口港區是一片向全世界開放的港區;“W”同時也是雙手上舉的形狀,寓意大沽口港區正冉冉升起,穩步前進。商標右側“綠色部分”寓意大沽口港區是孕育著勃勃生機的綠色、生態、可持續發展的港區。商標背景的世界地圖組成了望遠鏡的形狀,象征著大沽口港區必將“縱觀世界,放眼未來,港通四海,航行八方”。
    For expanding the influence of Dagu Port continuously, "DGP" trademark was officially registered by the Group at the end of 2015.These three letters are abbreviations for DaGu Port area. The wave shape is shaped by the initials "W" of "World", implying that the Dagu port area is a port open to the whole world.W is also the shape of hands raising , implying that the Dagu port is rising and moving forward steadily. The green part on the right side of the trademark demonstrates that the Dagu port area is a green, ecological and sustainable port that is abundant with vitality. The background of trademark is a world map, which forms the shape of the telesphere, symbolizing that the Dagu port area will stick at "looking at the world, focusing eyes in the future,port links the world and sails in all directions".