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    當前位置:首頁- 港區概況- 發展歷程
    大沽口(Dagu Port) "地當九河津要,路通七省舟車",是中國明、清海防要塞,素有京津門戶、海門古塞之稱。
    ?Dagu Port sets in the importance location with 9 rivers gathering ,vessels and vehicles of 7 provinces passing, which is the key coastal fort in China’s Ming and Qing Dynasty and famous for the name of The Door to Tianjin and Beijing as well as Haimengusai.
    ?In the year of 1860, The Beijing Treaty opened Tianjin as a commercial port, Dagu port began to take the foreign trade officially.
    ?With waves ups and down, it has developed into a vibrant and vigorous new port after the efforts of generations.
    On March 9th 2003, Tianjin Gang free trade zone Haijiali Construction com. LTD launched the north Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone test section , which marked the officially opening of Tianjin Gang’s development and construction.
    Share-holding Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone Construction and Development Co., Ltd. Was found.
    In March 26th of 2004, the predecessor of Tianjin Lingang Port Group Co., Ltd.--Tianjin Lingang Industrial Port co., Ltd was built. The development and construction of the Dagu port set sail officially since then.
    In August 30th of 2006, the "Zhongyuan Steamship" successfully piloted in the Dagusha Channel, which represented Dagu port area opened for Navigation officially.
    In October 17th of 2011, Dagu port area opened to the world officially when it smoothly passed the on-site acceptance of foreign trade hold by National Acceptance Group.
    In August 2012, Dagu port successfully rolling unloaded two knockout towers with the weight of 1850 tons and 1800 tons respectively of Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group, hitting the record of the heaviest rolling unloading in China.
    In 2014, the handling capacity of Dagu port area achieved the mount of over 30 million tons.
    In 2016, Dagu port area smoothly loaded 150 pieces of wind turbine blades, creating a new national record for wind turbine blade loading on a single ship.
    In June 2017, Dagu port area completed the task to loading complete machine by ship loader with a coverage of 92233.37m3, achieving the new record of hoisting single piece equipment in its height, width, weight, volume since the opening of Dagu port area.

    In December 20th of 2018,The bulk cargos throughput of Lingang Port Group's self-operated berths broke 10 million tons, creating a record high meanwhile presenting a gift to the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.