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        天津港保稅區臨港區域大沽口港區岸線資源豐富,處于環渤海經濟圈內,作為天津港口一港八區區域之一,現屬于天津港保稅區管委會管理。目前,獨立擁有十萬噸級大沽沙航道和26.5km 深水岸線,已建成萬噸級以上泊位34個,通用、液體化工、糧油等公共泊位20個,天津臨港港務集團有限公司負責運營其中的16個?,F已形成區域內企業生產需求和港口進行直接對接的“港口與工業一體化”產業模式。秉承“拼搏、領先、誠信、共贏”的發展理念和得天獨厚的區位優勢,港區同世界100多個國家和地區有著航運業務往來,已建立遠近洋航線兼具的全球性網絡。

    Located in Linggang of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Dagu port area is abundant with shoreline resources, which is embodied in Bohai Economic Circle and serves as one of “one port and eight districts in Tianjin”. At present, Dagu port area enjoys an independent ownership of 100,000 tons of Dagusha channel and 26.5km deep shore line, 34 berths with the capacity of 10,000 tons and 20 general, liquid chemical, grain and oil public berths, 16 of which are operated by Tianjin Lingang Group Co., Ltd. Dagu port area has formed the industrial model“port and industrial integration”, which offering direct connection between production demand and ports of enterprises in the region. Adhering to the development philosophy of "Uphold the integrity and adhere to innovation" and unique geographical advantages, the port has generated shipping business with more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and has established a global network of distant and near ocean routes.