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    當前位置:首頁- 集團業務- 業務板塊
    Dagu Port area takes business as the core and sticks at customer orientation, taking full advantages of the central position of port in logistics chain, relying on its unique advantages in source control, resource allocation and operational quality, forming its core competitiveness and setting up a good brand image.

    Bulk Cargo

    Grain and Oil

    Liquid Chemical Industry

    Wind Power Equipment
    The sort of wind power equipment operation in Dagu Port area includes blade, engine room, hub, and tower barrel. loading and unloading blade is over 80 meters and experienced operation team provides safe, efficient and professional port service for port assembling, storage and shipment of wind power equipment.

    重大件設備 Heavy Equipment
    Relying on Dagusha Channel’s advanced freight capacity ,rich experience in transport of major equipment, and developed equipment, the group develops the transportation market of global logistics for major items and large projects, shipping a number of batches of major projects at home and abroad to Southeast Asia, Middle East, America, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions.

    鋼材 Rolled Steel
    The group takes its advantages of large storage yard, no need for external yard, customers’ preparation of cargo in advance and unloading the cargo in time as well as its “honesty and win-win” service philosophy, making cooperation in ship route developing with various shipping companies and developing MTR transportation, which radiates major iron and steel enterprises in North, Northwest and Northeast China.

    集裝箱 Container
    集團擁有天津口岸唯一綜合貨運碼頭,已與AAL、NPL、SWIRE SHIPPING、RICKMERS、PIL等多家擁有集散兩用船的國際知名船公司長期進行合作,開有歐洲、美洲、巴新、澳大利亞等多條“集裝箱-雜貨”班輪航線。
    The group owns the only integrated wharf at Tianjin port, and we have made long run cooperation with AAL, NPL, SWIRE SHIPPING, RICKMERS, PIL and other famous shipping companies that own duplex ships, holding the various "containers-groceries" liner routes to Europe, America, Pakistan, Australia and other foreign countries. 

    紙漿 Pulp
    Tianjin port bulk pulp distribution center has cooperated with paper pulp manufacturers in countries and regions such as south and North America, Indonesia, etc., importing nearly 600,000 tons annually in 2018, which provides a strong guarantee for the production of paper mills in the hinterland

    The group holds the operation of urea, ammonium chloride and other chemical fertilizer, 30, 000 square meters of warehouse and professional handling equipment, thus to ensure the efficiency of loading and port assembling of chemical fertilize. Simultaneously, with the developing of the railway to Linggang, the transportation and unloading of chemical fertilizer under the MTR transportation also provides more efficient and convenient services for the shippers and the shipping parties.

    The main products are soybean, corn, wheat, soybean oil, palm oil, etc.

    The group engages in unloading and storage of all chemical products, oil and other liquid and gas products.